faq Q What are piles?
A -Swollen blood vessels in the anal passage are Piles. Piles may occur inside your body, in the anal canal, or sometimes be felt outside the anus.
Q How do I know if I have got Piles?
A- Piles causes itching and discomfort around the back passage and in the severe condition cause pain and bleeding. You may feel an uncomfortable 'weight' around your anus, or experience discomfort or pain when passing motions. You may find blood on your stools or on your underwear after opening your bowels, and, if your Piles are prolapsed, you will be able to feel them when washing after going to the toilet.

Q What causes Piles?
A -most common cause is constipation. When pushing hard to pass motion, it puts a strain on the veins in the anal canal and they will eventually enlarge and become Piles. They are more common in women during pregnancy and after childbirth and can be hereditary too.

Q Can we prevent piles in the first place?
A- Eat more fiber rich foods like cereals, fruits & Vegetables. The fiber and liquid will add bulk to your stools which helps the waste move through the intestines and results in soft stools which are quick and easy to pass. Ask your physician for dietary advice regarding this.

Q What if this doesn't help?
A- After assessing the severity of the condition your physician will recommend conventional palliative treatments and if these don't clear them up your doctor may advise surgery.