doctor information Surgery for piles Surgery is not recommended unless absolutely necessary. Some post-surgery pain will be there but due to the new techniques available in modern surgery, the pain has been reduced.
Alternative for conventional operationMIPH (Minimally Invasive Procedure) is a new procedure used for successfully treating Piles nowadays. The surgery can also be performed as day surgery under a very short general anesthetic (even under a regional anesthetic under certain conditions) and patients may go home the same day. Patients who have undergone MIPH report that their post­operative pain levels are very low, and say they are able to resume normal activities within very few days of going home.
Hospital stayDepending on your surgeon's decision it is also possible that you may be admitted as a day case and be able to go home the same day of your operation.
After the operation Slight discomfort in the anal area may be felt. 80% of patients, will be able to resume normal daily activities almost immediately. A few patients may have discomfort for 3-4 days.